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We make the following Fake ID Cards:

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100% Scannable

All our Fake ID's are scannable - each card is tested on an official scanner before it is sent out to you.

Many Payment Methods

We accept Bitcoin, PayPal, INTERAC online, e-INTERAC, credit cad, debit card, Flexepin cash vouchers, cash in mail

2004 Video 23 Session C House org span Jun 23 Video Session 2004 Jun C org span House Money-Back Guarantee

We're so sure that we make perfect Canadian Fake ID's that we will refund your entire purchase if you aren't satisfied for any reason whatsoever - including in the 1% chance that your card doesn't work for what you need.

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Security Features

We use all the same security features as real identification cards - this means the EXACT same hologram, engraving, embossing, provincial crests and UV symbols.

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Our team are all Canadian born-and-bred. Why risk sending your money to one of the many 'US' scam websites, who are really run by Chinese/Russians and will run off with your money. Beware of these fraudulent identification sellers!

Quick Shipping

We promise to have your Fake ID in your hands in as little as 10 days* - depending on which shipping method you use.

Our Promise To You:

  • Your card will look identical to real Canadian drivers licenses

  • Your card WILL scan every time

  • Your card WILL get you into whichever licensed venue you want to go to, inside or outside of Canada.

  • Your card won't take longer than 3 weeks to reach you

  • If you test the quality of our cards side-by-side with any of the other Fake ID websites, you will NOT find one that is better quality

  • We will respond to your question or queries within 48 hours

  • Jun span C 23 Session 2004 Video org House We will not sell our re-use your data. We will delete your info and photo after 28 days (none of the other big Fake ID websites do this)

What We CAN'T Promise To You:

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