Id Table… Fake Id
Id Table… Fake Id
Id Table… Fake Id

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3 Answers
Assuming you're referring to then the data is generated by putting random data in the format of various types of information. For example a fake address from FakeNameGenerator would combine the name of a real street in the actual city of that street with the actual zip code of that city, with a randomly generated house number appended to those. In the case of a SSN random numbers are place in the XX-XXXX-XXX format. Similar techniques are used for the rest of the data.

To address the second part of your question this information works when filling out forms or registering on websites because the forms do not check the information across the proper databases (because it would be too expensive usually) to verify its real. You should never use FakeNameGenerator information when registering for something important like a bank account, a credit card, or a loan.
Prak Sophy, I am web developer since 2006

All most data get from random function and base to each country format. I saw this cool PHP library to generate fake data that you can use this tools Free Online Random and Fake Address Generator in English (United State) - getFakeData. Fore each data has own type example:

  • Person
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Payment….
Andy Hayes, Did some networking this one time...
In addition to Kyle Piira 's answer. While they don't check the details against databases of known credit cards numbers, when you enter in an email address or credit card number they apply an algorithm to check its correct. So if you provide a random number that passes these algorithms the system assumes it's valid and allows them to be entered. 

So fake name generator generates a credit card number that passes the 'is this a credit card number' algorithm. All you have to do is know the checking algorithm.
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Id Table… Fake Id Fake Id Table… Fake Id Fake
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